Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™

Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™

I am excited this beautiful Wednesday as I prepare for a very special day. Well, actually, I am preparing for two special days, my birthday on tomorrow and Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™ on Friday.

I will not make this all about me because I am really here to encourage you and provide you with a little oomph to keep moving forward in victory.

Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™ is a time of gathering for women new and old to fellowship, reflect, share, and eat (wing’s of course).

Imagine spending an evening with like-minded women where you can get support, clarity and direction needed to be the best you that you can be. Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™ is that event where one can know that she is in a safe place around other women who are ready to debunk the myth that, “Women do not support one another.”

Women are yearning to be in an environment with other dedicated, devoted, and like-minded women where they can learn and grow as well as be free of shame, guilt, doubt, and judgment. And, I am going to make sure they have it.

Yes, women must be willing to release any baggage, forgive themselves, transform their thinking, and grow intellectually but, Wings, Wine, and Wisdom™ takes it further as it is a small gathering where women come to gain wisdom from one another and understand the benefits of gratitude and how to apply this one principal to their daily lives in order to achieve greatness in all other areas.

Why Gratitude? Well, let me give you a snippet…

Gratitude simply means thankfulness, the ability to stop, reflect and count your blessings, while enjoying the simple things of life (i.e., breathing), and paying homage for all that you have received and achieved. It means learning to live your life like it’s “golden” and as if you are a personal miracle walking this earth because, you are. Basically, gratitude can change your mindset from lack to total provision and abundance. Now, that is wisdom!

Every wowan should have a little Wings, Wine and Wisdom™ in her life! How about you?

Oh, yes, “Happy Birthday to Me!” \O/

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO♥ 
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