You Chose to Steal My Peace©

You Chose to Steal My Peace©
This is a poem written by Angel D. Washington - Bio Follows

You Chose to Steal My Peace©

My tragedy is not an illusion
My world will never be the same
Though I’m in a state of confusion
I refuse to live my life in shame
No matter the light sentence given
Your piss poor punishment, unjust
You are a rapist and horror to society
You are a thief of peace and trust

It was just another date night, you weren’t a stranger
So I’m still in disbelief
That you refused to hear me when I clearly said no
And you chose to steal my peace
In my mind, I replay those moments of terror
My soul hurts, as I recall, tearfully
With force, you chose to ignore my cries
And assault me, sexually

An evening jog, just a few nights a week
Typically, same time, same place
Today, I close my eyes, through my immeasurable pain
As I try to remember your face
All my memory will give me is your heavy breathing
And your offensive smell and touch
And because of a stranger, my life will be spent
Full of fear, anger and distrust

It was never my intent to go out that night
But there was a change in my plans
We had a few drinks, danced a few songs
You and I even held hands
But you wanted to take things a few steps further
I said no, but your intensity didn’t cease
Nonetheless, you wouldn’t take no for an answer
And you chose to steal my peace.

How dare you take away something so precious
It was not your choice to make
You are a coward and a disgrace to mankind
A monster that committed rape
You’ve impressed upon me filth and immorality
As the victim of YOUR crime
I won’t carry your torch of perversion with me
Because that’s your character, not mine…

My tragedy is not an illusion
My world will never be the same
Though I’m in a state of confusion
I will not live my life in shame
Your sickness is a horror to society
Rapist is the title you’ve earned
May the rest of your days on earth, be hell
Where for eternity, you shall burn…

About Angel

angel-washingtonAngel D. Washington is the mother of three sons and the author of Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Absentee Parent, Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity about the Loss of a Loved One, and Always Remember, You are Loved: When a Child Seeks Guidance on Cyber and Peer Bullying

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Angel D. Washington was reared in a home in which her parents were prominent professionally and in the community. They instilled the importance of unconditional love, education and hard work. She instills those same values in her sons and wants every child across the world to know that they, too, are worthy of unconditional love…

  • Rosonea says:

    How can I get a copy?? I would love to hang it in a beautiful frame for my clients to see, daily

    • Yulunda says:

      Hello Doll,

      Powerful, right! I have asked Angel and, she has agreed to forward it to you. Please, keep doing the great work that you are doing in the community.



  • Thank you kindly. Standing in solidarity with victims of rape shows them how much we care about them and their healing. Many blessings.

  • Andrea says:


    This is so very powerful and, I cannot imagine the pain associated with this type of trauma. America and the world must do better by its victims and provide help to those who perform this tragic acts.


    • Yulunda says:

      America MUST do better in regards to taking care of its most vulnerable members within its walls.

      I pray continually and truly believe that change is coming.

      Thanks for stopping by beautiful!

      XOXO <3

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