You down with O.P.P.?

You down with O.P.P.?

You already know that I was bobbing my head and rhyming loudly with ‘dem’ boys out of East Orange, New Jersey as though they were my homeboys from around the block, literally. That song had everything to make it an immediate hit — a funky beat, fresh lyrics, a bangin’ hook and the rough neck men rockin’ it and even the sampling of the Jackson 5’s hit, “ABC.”

You may remember that summer chanting, “O.P.P, how can I explain it. I’ll take it frame by frame it. To have y’all all jumping, shouting, saying it. O is for other, P is for peoples’, scratch your temple. The last P, well that’s not that simple…”

However, as we grow and mature, we desire different things to hype us up, bring us peace and joy and often, it is the challenges that we’ve overcome that drives us to realize that it has been because of O.P.P. that we have survived.

The O.P.P. that I am speaking of is Other’s Peoples’ Prayers. I don’t try to convince people of the power of prayer often, but, I do try to explain it and how to use it whenever I can. Prayer is not a mystery, however, so many overthink it. To this I say, “Chill and let it flow and, do not compare yourself to anyone.”


Prior to me truly understanding how to pray, I depended on O.P.P. I am still surviving off of O.P.P. And, I know people who I cannot even name have prayed for me and pushed me a little higher in life.

Though many are able to prayer eloquently and in very impressionable manners, that is not what prayer is about. Prayer is truly about: 1. Adoration – realizing that there is a being, a God greater than you and being sincere and honest before Him’ 2. Confession – humbling yourself to admit any faults, wrongs or indiscretions towards another to be made worthy (this is a huge step); 3. Thanksgiving – remembering all of the things God has done for you, brought you through and taught you with a spirit of gratitude; 4. Supplication– understanding that we have the faith to get us what we need for a life of fulfillment and that those things we so desire in our heart are already true and happening. It always means that we are willing to uplift and carry those who are weak when necessary. Side note: I am an official prayer warrior, not because I’ve deemed myself so, but, because I have learned how to pray, what to pray about, and have learned that the effectual and fervent prayers of the RIGHTeous avails much.

Let me also say this, I know that a lot of people focus on the universe returning the good energy that they (we) put out into the world. This is in fact true, but, I have decided to go deeper and worship the one who has created the universe as a manner of respect and love for Him. The universe is truly amazing but, the one who established it is beyond amazing.

So, are you down with O.P.P.? for me, It’s an easy answer, “Yeah, you know me!”

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO
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