No Matter Where You Are, Your Dreams Are Valid.

No Matter Where You Are, Your Dreams Are Valid.

Recently, we had the honor to see a beautiful Nigerian named Lupita Nyong’o gracefully accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Patsy in 12 Years A Slave. Lupita said something simple yet poignant that resonated with people of all ages. She said, “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Today, I am confident that you already appreciate and know where you are from, so, I would like to challenge you to consider where you are at in your life (right now) by fully assessing where you have been, the challenges you have faced, the people who may have disappointed you and of course, the many accomplishments you’ve made. This must be done by taking time to be alone in solitude, within a peaceful environment, and be certain to enjoy every single moment of “your time.” Once you see how far you’ve come in life and that your good days overwhelm your not-so-good days, you may begin to believe more. Set your dreams in motion and those dreams will come forth.

Age, or thinking of one’s current age can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome when still believing that your dream can come true. We often may feel like we can never achieve a BIG goal, or reach a BIG height because we have missed our “window of opportunity.” But, you have to trust and believe that dreams can and do happen at any point in life, yes ANY. Besides the wisdom that comes along with age can help us to be extremely successful long-term. So, let your dreams overshadow your age limitations that are happening — in your mind because they are not happening anywhere else.

Lack of resources (time, finances, etc.) is yet another deterrent that can stop someone from seeing his/her dream fulfilled. But, if we consider the many resources that have been released into this earth and are available to us via all types of mediums, we really do not have to use this as an excuse any longer. Start reading books, do research on the “world Wide web” on those topics, strategies and tools available that relate to your dreams. You should also ask those who are living the dream you desire to share their expertise. Trust that people are willing to share and talk about how they achieved a dream (goal). Remember, “Closed mouths never get fed,” and “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”. Start chirping and get that worm (smile).

Finally, fear is the number one killer of dreams in the world, because fear will make us focus on that ‘unknown’ thing that we are projecting and predicting to happen at a non-exact time on a non-exact day. How foolish to fear something simply because we have not seen it with our eyes, yet, we have felt and continue to feel it in our hearts. Make your dreams a heart matter and continue to allow those dreams to pump through without any blockage.

The key is too keep believing, keep dreaming and be sure to do something every single day that will drive you in the direction of your dream and, “Do all you can to make your dreams come true.” You have to be tenacious, no matter how the situation feels and, you must pursue your dreams with all of your strength, knowing that they will come true because you refuse to let go of your vision.

What I am saying is you must believe that “No matter where you are, your dreams are valid” or they would not be a part of your true being, your fiber.

Move forward in Righteousness XOXO

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